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Present and accounted for

Posted in Uncategorized on 2017/01/08 by Robert Leu

Well, it appears a good many of us have made it through the dumpster fire of 2016 and into the new year without any limb loss or hair falling out. That’s right; the standards are so low right now that surviving is the high water mark.

In twelve days, The Great Orange Dope will become the leader of the free world. Which is going to seem a lot less free to a lot of people that aren’t straight white males. The Republicans are already maneuvering their plans for destroying everything Obama signed into law during the previous eight years through the Legislature. Honestly, what good is it to be healthy and alive when one political party would rather you fall ill and die due to your inability to afford any sort of health insurance?

There’s a damn good reason a lot of people in this country haven’t been able to cope with the election results of two months ago: the Republican leaders in the House and Senate are of the impressoin that they can pretty much run roughshod over social programs while everybody in the media is too distracted by the incoming President’s utter inability to shut his damn fool mouth?

And who could ever have imagined that with a braggard like Donald Trump at the helm, that would be the LEAST of his problems? He seems to have no intention of divesting himself from his business “empire”, he’s putting his offspring into postions that will allow him to ignore anything resembling the responsibilities of the office of President, and there are serious questions about the legitimacy of his election due to documented interference from Russia. Questions that his recent statements about improving relations with Russia are making even more difficult to sweep aside.

In an ideal world, the transistion of power would be set aside until these issues were completely dealt with and the Cheeto-stained manchild did a little bit of growing up. Unfortunately, with the GOP in control of the checks and balances the Legislative branch can use on the Executive branch, there’s pretty much no way that’s going to happen.

And so we who plan to resist Trump at every turn sit and wait. Uneasily, I might add, as we wonder what fresh Hell the next news cycle will uncover. Which 5am tweet from the compulsive liar-in-chief will bring the Doomsday Clock a minute closer to midnight. 

I’m beginning to wonder myself if I made the right choice by staying in this country instead of fleeing to safety as a political refugee. I vowed in a drunken Twitter rant of my own to stand for the Presidency myself in 2020, but what will be left to be President of once Trump and his swamp creatures have taken everything of value the United States has to offer? Are we facing the beginning of a Putin-like reign where the majority of our wealth ends up in the hands of a spray-tan addict with no impulse control?

We sit…and we wait…and we wonder…