Venting My Spleen

I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised, but two examples in the last twenty-four hours have reinforced the complete ignorance of science by those on the right.

Within a span of just over two hours, radio host Rush Limbaugh tried to give evolution the middle finger by asking why the recently deceased gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo was still a gorilla and had not evolved into a human being. This was followed by Greta Van Sustren, a brilliant legal analyst with no knowledge of long-distance signal transmission, wondering why our tax dollars are paying the salaries of NASA when they withhold the data from last year’s Pluto flyby for months.

It’s possible that both Mr. Limbaugh and Ms. Van Sustren are fully cognizant of the theory of evolution and the amount of time it takes a data signal to travel the distance between the edge of our solar system and its only life-sustaining planet. Their equivalent of what is known in the world of sports talk as a “hot take” was merely put out there to elicit a desired reaction; in this case, the usual reaction to anything that can even be minimally connected to the current President: anger.

As the sun sets on the time in office of Barack Obama, the right continues to seethe over the fact that the world is changing at a pace that is too fast for them to comprehend. The conservatives prefer change that occurs at a much slower pace than it is at present (oddly enough, much like evolution). I take that last sentence back; conservatives fear change in any form. They practice a form of binary thinking; it either is or is not in their narrow view. Unfortunately, the world has demonstrated time and again that it is not binary; it’s not a matter of one or zero.

Some way to come back after such a long hiatus, huh?

I try to avoid any long form political analysis here; the truth is I’m not as well informed as I could be. 40 hours a week are taken up by work, and trying to adapt to the changing nature of my recent position doesn’t leave a lot of time or energy to devote to keeping up on everything that’s happening out there. But even a casual observer can take note of the fact that the right has overreacted to the last eight years and has put forth a candidate that is a complete 180° from Obama.

Much of the last year I’ve spent unloading on Donald Trump through social media. The man is the textbook example of the ideal GOP candidate: white, rich, and gives absolutely no fucks about the morals he claims to uphold based on his party affiliation. Donald Trump has rallied the most disgusting parts of the conservative base to support him: white supremacists, evangelicals, businessmen with no concern for anyone who makes even a penny less than they do. They came to support him in the polls, they came to clash with the protestors who oppose the possibility of him attaining the highest office in this government, and they came to reverse any change that Obama and the Democrats have been able to implement over the last eight years (despite the best efforts of the Republicans in the legislature that have opposed every single measure meant to better the lives of people that aren’t them).

Should Trump be able to win this forthcoming Presidential election simply because he’s neither a woman or a self-proclaimed “democratic Socialist”, I can’t foresee any good happening in this country for a very long time.


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