The calendar may say spring, but there’s nothing in bloom around here yet. Mostly because Mother Nature is running a bit behind. The weather has turned frigid once again, and underneath the layers of either clothing or blankets is where you must retreat if you wish to find heat.

The sun is hanging later in the sky, which means that as I sit here at my workstation I have to keep my head hunched down or risk blindness. I suppose I could shut up and just wait it out, but what’s the point of having an Internet soapbox if you’re not going to grouse from atop it every once in a while?

My wayward little brother is back in the hands of the military once again, after a week or so of learning to be a civilian once again. It was absolute madness, followed by maddening silence after his departure once Mom and I realized how empty the home is without him. The communication with him will probably be a little less frequent, the UPS driver will be making a few less stops on the stoop, and there will be no one to try and block the door as I come home around midnight. As long as he comes back with ten fingers, ten toes, and his brain still contained in the factory packaging I’ll be fine. Eh, who am I kidding? I’m gonna be a nervous wreck. This planet’s full of idiots and weaponry. Have you looked around lately!?

But enough about my nerves. At least that gigantic television that didn’t work as expected is finally out of the house and stowed away until the time comes to set it out on the curb. Unless someone wants to tinker with it and take it off my hands. Arrangements can be made, as long as you can haul it yourself.

My creative endeavors have once again taken a back seat to life, the universe, and everything else. No writing, no recording, not even a stay doodle on a napkin. I know that if something is important enough that you should be able to make time for it, but I’ve never been good at that sort of thing. It’s always been grind away at the grindstone and get the adult things out of the way before the fun can begin. I’ve never secured the balance that so many others seem to be able to do. Maybe someday, or maybe I’ll just collapse inside the office with nothing done. Certainly hope it doesn’t end that way; what a terrible ending to anything that would be.


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