Present and accounted for

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Well, it appears a good many of us have made it through the dumpster fire of 2016 and into the new year without any limb loss or hair falling out. That’s right; the standards are so low right now that surviving is the high water mark.

In twelve days, The Great Orange Dope will become the leader of the free world. Which is going to seem a lot less free to a lot of people that aren’t straight white males. The Republicans are already maneuvering their plans for destroying everything Obama signed into law during the previous eight years through the Legislature. Honestly, what good is it to be healthy and alive when one political party would rather you fall ill and die due to your inability to afford any sort of health insurance?

There’s a damn good reason a lot of people in this country haven’t been able to cope with the election results of two months ago: the Republican leaders in the House and Senate are of the impressoin that they can pretty much run roughshod over social programs while everybody in the media is too distracted by the incoming President’s utter inability to shut his damn fool mouth?

And who could ever have imagined that with a braggard like Donald Trump at the helm, that would be the LEAST of his problems? He seems to have no intention of divesting himself from his business “empire”, he’s putting his offspring into postions that will allow him to ignore anything resembling the responsibilities of the office of President, and there are serious questions about the legitimacy of his election due to documented interference from Russia. Questions that his recent statements about improving relations with Russia are making even more difficult to sweep aside.

In an ideal world, the transistion of power would be set aside until these issues were completely dealt with and the Cheeto-stained manchild did a little bit of growing up. Unfortunately, with the GOP in control of the checks and balances the Legislative branch can use on the Executive branch, there’s pretty much no way that’s going to happen.

And so we who plan to resist Trump at every turn sit and wait. Uneasily, I might add, as we wonder what fresh Hell the next news cycle will uncover. Which 5am tweet from the compulsive liar-in-chief will bring the Doomsday Clock a minute closer to midnight. 

I’m beginning to wonder myself if I made the right choice by staying in this country instead of fleeing to safety as a political refugee. I vowed in a drunken Twitter rant of my own to stand for the Presidency myself in 2020, but what will be left to be President of once Trump and his swamp creatures have taken everything of value the United States has to offer? Are we facing the beginning of a Putin-like reign where the majority of our wealth ends up in the hands of a spray-tan addict with no impulse control?

We sit…and we wait…and we wonder…


New Phone, Who This?

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Been a busy last few weeks. A lot of pinching myself hoping the election result was merely a bad dream I couldn’t wake up from, mostly. But a little drunken, late-night declaration of my candidacy for the Presidency in 2020 later and I’ve managed to put myself back on a (mostly) even keel.

Also went out and finally upgraded my cellphone. After six years and seven months, Verizon has managed to shut down one more unlimited data account. But in exchange, I’m finally back on Android with the LG Stylo 2 (or Stylo 2 V as the Verizon variant is called). It’s been a most impressive experience so far. The 3000 mAh battery really does last longer than any other phone I’ve had. The MediaTek processor makes the entire Android Marshmallow experience the least laggy of any Android variant I’ve ever used (dating myself here, but the first Android device I had was the HTC Droid Eris, which shipped with Cupcake).

I haven’t had much time to check out the cameras yet, because I’ve been afraid to do much yet. My local Verizon store didn’t have any cases in stock, and the one I ordered online arrived about six hours ago.

The built-in nano-coated stylus glides across the screen, but feels pretty miniscule in a bigger hand. And I’d you opt for a screen protector, the stylus loses that feeling and seems to drag. If you’re going to use a screen protector, you may want to go with a standard rubber tipped stylus.

Sheesh, if I go on much longer this is going to turn into an advertisement. I really just wanted to see if I could compose a blog entry on this thing. I’ll keep you in the loop andif any major flaws crop up, I’ll let you know.

I can predict the future?

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When I woke up yesterday morning, I noticed some activity on a tweet I published over three years ago. Following the 2012 election (where rapist and sexual predator Donald Trump stoked the fires of Birtherism and took every possible potshot at Barack Obama), I started responding rather unkindly to many of Trump’s tweets. It eventually became too much for Trump to take, and I was blocked from responding to or even viewing his tweets.

After Friday’s revelations about the tape where he bragged about “grabbing women by the [expletive],” people started going through his past tweets calling out other sexual predators and stumbled across this exchange between Trump and myself (which I had completely forgotten about). Long story short, I apparently called it three years before someone started digging through the archives of “Access Hollywood”

LINK: Donald Trump’s original tweet

LINK: My reply

Venting My Spleen

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I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised, but two examples in the last twenty-four hours have reinforced the complete ignorance of science by those on the right.

Within a span of just over two hours, radio host Rush Limbaugh tried to give evolution the middle finger by asking why the recently deceased gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo was still a gorilla and had not evolved into a human being. This was followed by Greta Van Sustren, a brilliant legal analyst with no knowledge of long-distance signal transmission, wondering why our tax dollars are paying the salaries of NASA when they withhold the data from last year’s Pluto flyby for months.

It’s possible that both Mr. Limbaugh and Ms. Van Sustren are fully cognizant of the theory of evolution and the amount of time it takes a data signal to travel the distance between the edge of our solar system and its only life-sustaining planet. Their equivalent of what is known in the world of sports talk as a “hot take” was merely put out there to elicit a desired reaction; in this case, the usual reaction to anything that can even be minimally connected to the current President: anger.

As the sun sets on the time in office of Barack Obama, the right continues to seethe over the fact that the world is changing at a pace that is too fast for them to comprehend. The conservatives prefer change that occurs at a much slower pace than it is at present (oddly enough, much like evolution). I take that last sentence back; conservatives fear change in any form. They practice a form of binary thinking; it either is or is not in their narrow view. Unfortunately, the world has demonstrated time and again that it is not binary; it’s not a matter of one or zero.

Some way to come back after such a long hiatus, huh?

I try to avoid any long form political analysis here; the truth is I’m not as well informed as I could be. 40 hours a week are taken up by work, and trying to adapt to the changing nature of my recent position doesn’t leave a lot of time or energy to devote to keeping up on everything that’s happening out there. But even a casual observer can take note of the fact that the right has overreacted to the last eight years and has put forth a candidate that is a complete 180° from Obama.

Much of the last year I’ve spent unloading on Donald Trump through social media. The man is the textbook example of the ideal GOP candidate: white, rich, and gives absolutely no fucks about the morals he claims to uphold based on his party affiliation. Donald Trump has rallied the most disgusting parts of the conservative base to support him: white supremacists, evangelicals, businessmen with no concern for anyone who makes even a penny less than they do. They came to support him in the polls, they came to clash with the protestors who oppose the possibility of him attaining the highest office in this government, and they came to reverse any change that Obama and the Democrats have been able to implement over the last eight years (despite the best efforts of the Republicans in the legislature that have opposed every single measure meant to better the lives of people that aren’t them).

Should Trump be able to win this forthcoming Presidential election simply because he’s neither a woman or a self-proclaimed “democratic Socialist”, I can’t foresee any good happening in this country for a very long time.


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The calendar may say spring, but there’s nothing in bloom around here yet. Mostly because Mother Nature is running a bit behind. The weather has turned frigid once again, and underneath the layers of either clothing or blankets is where you must retreat if you wish to find heat.

The sun is hanging later in the sky, which means that as I sit here at my workstation I have to keep my head hunched down or risk blindness. I suppose I could shut up and just wait it out, but what’s the point of having an Internet soapbox if you’re not going to grouse from atop it every once in a while?

My wayward little brother is back in the hands of the military once again, after a week or so of learning to be a civilian once again. It was absolute madness, followed by maddening silence after his departure once Mom and I realized how empty the home is without him. The communication with him will probably be a little less frequent, the UPS driver will be making a few less stops on the stoop, and there will be no one to try and block the door as I come home around midnight. As long as he comes back with ten fingers, ten toes, and his brain still contained in the factory packaging I’ll be fine. Eh, who am I kidding? I’m gonna be a nervous wreck. This planet’s full of idiots and weaponry. Have you looked around lately!?

But enough about my nerves. At least that gigantic television that didn’t work as expected is finally out of the house and stowed away until the time comes to set it out on the curb. Unless someone wants to tinker with it and take it off my hands. Arrangements can be made, as long as you can haul it yourself.

My creative endeavors have once again taken a back seat to life, the universe, and everything else. No writing, no recording, not even a stay doodle on a napkin. I know that if something is important enough that you should be able to make time for it, but I’ve never been good at that sort of thing. It’s always been grind away at the grindstone and get the adult things out of the way before the fun can begin. I’ve never secured the balance that so many others seem to be able to do. Maybe someday, or maybe I’ll just collapse inside the office with nothing done. Certainly hope it doesn’t end that way; what a terrible ending to anything that would be.

Alone Time

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It’s always nice to have a little bit of time to yourself. Which is the great thing about Sunday nights here at work. You get bucketfuls of it.

The last couple of wells have certainly has their ups and downs. The weather has finally taken a turn for the warm and the mountains of snow are disappearing at a pretty good clip. Too bad the thaw couldn’t have started about a week and a half ago; the day my car’s exhaust tried to do the splits as I was driving down the road. Boy that was a loud six block drive back to the house. And an even louder drive to the muffler shop the following day. I drove as carefully as I could, knowing that the wire hanger patch job I’d put together would barely hold up. Naturally, it didn’t hold at all. Which turned what was to be a $21.50 reattachment into a $35 replacement. Thankfully the guy who runs the shop is a reasonable human being who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for the labor. If you need proof of what I’m saying, drop by sometime and count the number of wire hangers on his shop floor. Guy probably makes a mint by way of recycling.

It was a miracle I even got in as fast as I did; when I made the initial appointment, I was told I’d have to wait over a week just to get it looked at. But that’s not even the best news I’ve had lately; my little brother is coming home for a visit! It’s been quite a long ship deployment for a guy who hasn’t been in anything deeper than a backyard pond during his youth. Here’s hoping my mother’s care packages and my thumb drive full of videos have managed to keep him same during those words at sea. Only time will tell… until I can personality evaluate him.

Just filed my annual paperwork. It’s taken five years, but I finally have two weeks paid vacation to call my own. I also have to schedule time off next month for my class reunion. Fifteen years since I waked out of my high school for the last time as a student, and about a week since the last time I dreamed I was the world’s oldest freshman. The dreams themselves don’t bug me; just the prospect of being back in school like in some Adam Sandler comedy from the mid 1990s, only without the prospect of a romantic interest waiting for me after my second graduation.

A Certain Lateness To My Posts

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If it seems like I’ve been posting a lot of stuff late at night, it’s because I am. I’m writing a lot during working hours, but unable to upload until I get back home.

On the plus side, at least I’m writing regularly again.