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Yes, I panicked this afternoon. Probably due to the fact they I’m putting down the security and utility deposits for the new place tomorrow. I’ve always been uneasy with the outlay of large sums of money. Probably due to the fact that there wasn’t a whole lot of it to go around growing up, and letting go of it represents an immediate short-term loss in the wallet.

Once that’s done, it’s just a matter of moving my stuff from point A to point B, a grand total of fifty feet. And yet I’m still scared that something is going to screw the whole deal over. It would seem that I’ve grown up to become quite the neurotic little ball of weird.

Suppose I should update you on some things

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I’m sitting here at work, tapping this out on my tablet. There’s not a lot going on, which will leave plenty of time to fix any mistakes before I can upload it. Actually, tapping wouldn’t even be right; everything that days had a keyboard that you can just slide your finger around and it folks in the word. It works most of the time; once your keyboard is trained to your sliding style it makes the process a lot easier.

It really does feel like something out of science fiction. Except for the fact that you’re limited to wherever you can find an Internet connection for the uploading. I suppose Wi-Fi will be everywhere someday; possibly even within my lifetime. After all, I honestly thought I’d never see an African-American hold the highest elected office in my country and look at where we are now. It’s kind of mine to be wrong about some things, and I hope that I’m wrong about not making it to see a true world wide web.

It’s been a really busy year for me. I spent about five months of it working seven days a week, so I missed or on a few things. Most of the summer, actually. Still been very active on Twitter, though. It’s become sorry of a surrogate to the big blog here. Mich easier to just throw something up there and get a response, be it from IRL friends or people whose opinions I respect. Which raises the old question of whether I should even metro the big blog up. Well, there are some things coming down the pike that aren’t firmed up yet, so you might just want to stick around.

One thing that is firmed up is my upcoming move. I’m gonna be the good son and take my mom in under my roof, which necessitated getting some more roof (and the rest of the house, obviously). That will start on Monday, so don’t expect me to be around much into everything is situated in the new place. Thankfully, the larger half of the duplex I’ve been living in for the last three years opened up a few months ago. The landlord’s been making a few repairs from the previous tenants, and now it’s ready for people again. It will be more expensive, but mom will have my back and my little brother will likely help out when he can. I have no intention of imposing upon him, though; kind of like when mom was in danger of losing the house a few years ago and she refused every offer of mine to turn over my entire paycheck (such as it was, working where I was at that time) to help her out.

I’m starting to ramble here, just like Garrison Keillor as he gets to the week’s story from Lake Wobegon. But it’s been so long, so I’ll allow it. Up to a point. This point.

Pardon me while I freak out for a moment

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Somebody please explain to Justice Scalia how television works – JIMROMENESKO.COM

So something I tweeted yesterday ended up on the front page of Jim Romenesko’s blog. Romenesko is a blogger, journalist, and journalism professor whose Media Gossip site was acquired by the Poytner Institute, a non-profit journalism school. After semi-retiring from Poytner in 2011, he struck back out on his own again.

In other words, this is a pretty big deal.

As for me, I only found out about the link half an hour ago (after spending about an hour figuring out why my computer decided to start throwing BSODs at me). The link came less than 20 minutes after the original tweet, and I was getting quite a bit of twitter traffic because of it. Of course, I was completely ignorant to the whole thing because I’d laid down for a quick power nap before going to work, then calling it an early night after I came home.

One day some big media writer links to you (and you don’t even know it); the next you’re desperately trying to fix your computer. It’s a funny old digital world, isn’t it?

“Viruses, Internet Clutter And Computer Junk”

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Seriously, that’s a line from an actual radio commercial advertising a computer fixit service. Are you through insulting my intelligence, Because that’s a line of bullshit you’re slinging, and you know it. And I know it, too.

You should be ashamed of yourselves for approving that copy. Hell, I’ll do the exact same stuff they’ll do, AND I’ll explain what I’m doing so you can do the same thing in the future without me having to make a house call. Catch me on a good day, and all it’ll cost you is a meal. Doesn’t even have to be home cooked; you can call out for a pizza if you want.*

*This is not an advertisement for such services; I’d just rather you have your computer looked at by someone that is less condescending to you.

There are things that are happening

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I’m not very used to contentment. The last few years of my life have had very little of it. But things are starting to go my way. And it feels pretty darn good.

For the first time in almost a decade, I have a car to call my own. I’m not going to go into why I haven’t had one, except to say I’ve done very stupid things that left me with very little saved up for things like transportation. But thanks to the overwhelming generosity of family and friends, I’ve been able to get to and from a job. And about a month ago, an opportunity to acquire to a vehicle from one of my brothers came about and I jumped on it. No more having to schedule any sort of shopping trips around other people’s schedules, or having to walk across the town in extreme warmth or cold just to put a little coin in the bank.

Now, what do I do with this newfound freedom to spend the days anywhere other than in my recliner or curled up in my bed trying to stay warm without running the heater? So many years cooped up inside just to avoid having to stick my proverbial thumb out to go anywhere; how much has the world changed that you can’t see on a computer or television screen? Is Lindsay Lohan still on track to be the biggest movie star of the 21st century?

It’ll certainly make for some more interesting content on here. I can actually take trips to things, interact with other bloggers; do a whole lot more than just sit around and shoot my keyboard off on whatever’s happening in the world. Let’s face it; in the grand scheme of keyboard warriors analyzing the events of the day I’m just not as sharp as someone who’s actually out there living their life outside of the same four walls.

Now, to answer the ultimate question: where do I go from here? Any suggestions?

Inspiration strikes twice in a week

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I guess the writing bug has bitten me; I actually pecked this whole thing out on my phone since I didn’t have a computer with me earlier tonight.
Someone posted something on FB that stuck in my craw for whatever reason: a picture of a Andy Griffith and a young Ron Howard in-character, with the words “The World Needs More Mayberry And Less Honey Boo Boo” printed over it.

The first thing we need to establish is that Mayberry is a complete work of fiction. Any similarity to any actual place is purely a sign that you’re too invested in fantasy over reality. And while I love a good fantasy as much as the next person, you should really remember to poke your head up out of it every once in a while.

Too many people are too heavily invested in the fallacy that television programs from the mid 20th century double as accurate historical records. If it were, the Korean War would have been resolved after Hugh Beaumont gave the Korean people a stern lecture about the importance of getting along. And then Barbara Billingsley, having spent the entire day cleaning house and preparing dinner in a luxurious party dress accented with a string of pearls, would invite everyone into the kitchen for cookies and milk.

The reason everything was so perfect in television programs back then was because the viewers were seeking refuge from a world that was anything but. Equality of any kind was billions of miles in the distance, and there wasn’t a whole lot of forward progress on either front until years later. War was waging in Korea, Viet Nam, and very nearly along America’s Gulf Coast. Thimgs were screwed up everywhere…except in places called Mayberry, Midvale, and Hooterville.

Actually, I take that back about Hooterville; that damn pig got a fairer shake than the rest of the animal population. Why couldn’t a few chickens come to roost at the dinner table some night?

A grain of truth in a can of Spam?

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A grain of truth in a can of Spam?

Actual comment left on this blog, and caught by the Spam Filter.


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